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I got burned by a seller on ebay.  No pun intended.  I found a good price for Family Guy and Simpsons games for Playstation 2.  When I opened the package it smelled like an ashtray with just a hint of mint.  The seller in typical ebay fashion swears they don’t smoke.  So rather than waste a lot of time dealing with ebay, I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone.  The package will be out of my house and I can see if auctions still work on ebay.  My last item sold on ebay didn’t make it past 99 cents and had to be relisted buy-it-now at 99 cents because nobody wanted to risk being out bid for 99 cents and the auction closed with 0 bidders. 

auction link


I’ll update after the auction is over.

Update.  With two bidders the price went all the way to $1.29.  Add the $4 shipping and you have $5.29 for an item I paid $15 for.  Now you know why smokers tend to lie about the condition of their items.  You wouldn’t bid as high, if at all.  Not to single out ebay.  I also had the same experience with an Amazon seller years ago who also swore no smoking in the house and that perhaps it was the postman even though the smoke smell was… you guessed it, inside the envelope.

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