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Check out, Check out, Check out my melody

This experiment is to determine if adding google checkout helps any.  More traffic is good, more sales is best. The first additon will be to the Eleven Boxes Bonanza store Stay tuned for results.

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experiment #4 – cats in hats

Does a hand picked list on Bonanza increase traffic? New list created for elevenboxes at Bonanza, Cats in hats. Will be using google analytics to look for inbound traffic from this location. Results: Inconclusive – links from Bonanza are … Continue reading

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experiment #3

Added a link for elevenboxes to the listings at Sent an email with details to the contact listed on the site. Metric:  Number of inbound links in 30 days results – waiting to see

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rodeo time at the Ranch

Looking at the google analytics for elevenboxes at Bonanzle the average time on site is 8 seconds.  The sales aren’t fast enough to match, but the first thought that pops to mind is bull riding at the rodeo.   That average is … Continue reading

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experiment #2 google listings for couchcritters

couchcritters site on bonanzle doesn’t appear in google.  I’ve reduced the site to a single listing for the playstation 2 version of Garfield Lasagna world tour.  In 3 days I’ll check to see if it can be seen in google … Continue reading

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Home on the Range

After tiring of ebay’s fees and hostile actions to sellers I moved to Bonanzle.  Now changed to the easier to type and say Things I like about Bonanza Easy and quick to post items up to 6 pictures per item … Continue reading

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